Horizon Silicon Inc.  1-408-500-1747 - Recyclers Of Silicon Wafers, Broken Solar Cells Wafer & Panels
We are currently buying:
Silicon Wafers
Broken Silicon Wafers/ Blue Tape
Pot Scrap with or without quartz
Silicon Ingot
Solar Cells Whole/ Broken
Broken Solar Panels/Shattered Glass
All you have to do is call us,  we will arrange the weighing of your material, sorting & testing and we pay the freight!!
We pay and pickup throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe!
Please give us a call or email today!!!
1-408-500-1747 or
Northern California Office:               Dallas Texas Office:
Horizon Silicon                                       Horizon Silicon
250 S.Central Ave.                               9720 Coit Rd. Bldg 220
Tracy, CA 94538                                    Plano TX 75025
408-500-2897                                         214-778-7509
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