Horizon Silicon Inc.  1-408-500-1747 - Recyclers Of Silicon Wafers, Broken Solar Cells Wafer & Panels
We have been recycling Silicon Material and Solar Cells/ Panels for over 5 years!!
With our intensive network of recyclers/buyers from around the world we can offer you TOP Dollar for your silicon scrap material!!
Products We Buy:
Off Spec Polysilicon
Virgin Polysilicon
Polysilicon Pot Scrap
Silicon Ingot Tops and Tails
Silicon Wafer
Whole Silicon Wafer
Broken Silicon Wafer
Solar Wafers
Broken Solar Wafers
Solar Cells with or without tabbings
Broken Solar Panels Non Working/Shattered/ No Frames- Off Spec
Please Call Us With Any Questions: 1-408-500-1747
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